I am a ceramic artist who draws inspiration from social constructs and the interconnected relationships we have with ourselves and others.  My current body of work comprises hand thrown forms symbolising the female figure.  The textured interior of these vessels aims to represent the influence of internalised misogyny on girls and women, including the detrimental behaviours we project onto one another by internalising sexist ideals and expectations.  By making suggestive forms, my intention is to question the sexualisation and objectification of women and highlight how our upbringing, and the information we consume, makes us complicit in this process. Each vessel is unique in its form and contents, suggesting individuality.  By using stereotypically feminine colours in heightened vibrancy, in contrast with unattractive internal textures achieved through extensive glaze experimentation, I wanted to explore the idea of attraction/repulsion, showing how this feeds into what femininity and misogyny actually encompass.




Richard K. Degenhardt Scholarship: 2020 

Professional Activities

Game of thrones set design under Helen Faulkner Ceramics- 2019

Merchandise design for Luz Corrigan- 2020

Strangford Lough Yacht Club, River Class 100 year anniversary awards - 2021


Bachelor of Arts, Ceramics, Jewellery and Silversmithing: 2018-2021 Ulster University Belfast

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design: 2017-2018 SERC Bangor 

AS Levels in Art and Design, ICT and Business Studies: 2015 Bloomfield Collegiate


Craft NI- "Arrival" - 2021

Ards Town Hall - 2021

Bangor Museum- 2018

Ards Tourist Information Centre- 2018

SERC Foundation Exhibition- 2018